"A striking thrill ride through a future both frightening and tantalizing. Readers should be left begging for a sequel." -- Kirkus Reviews

Tech icon Aiden Markusson has it all—the lake house, the luxury car, the fastest growing company in Seattle, and the love of his life wearing his engagement ring.  But his perfect life comes apart at the seams when he begins to experience blinding headaches, sensory distortions, and strange bursts of physical strength.  His growing paranoia and need for answers lead him down a rabbit hole of bio-engineering and corporate conspiracy until he realizes he’s not losing him mind. It’s worse than that.

Genesis is a mind-bending thrill ride through the near future where Aiden’s hunt for the truth plunges him into a world of ruthless mercenaries, hacker enclaves, and the bleeding edge of body modification. Faced with the possibility he’s not even human, Aiden must learn to harness his newfound abilities in time to save the woman he loves, an entirely new form of life, and the future of the human race.

Film and television writer Matt K. Turner storms out of the gates with his debut sci-fi action thriller.  Blending a mixture of heart-pounding action, psychological depth, and comedic wit, Genesis introduces a confident new voice that will grab science fiction fans and newcomers alike.

FOUR STARS! "This one is a fun book that behaves like a pilot for a TV series. And by that I mean, I totally dig it and can't wait to see -- I mean read -- more." -- Joe Crowe RevolutionSF.com